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FlipBuilder Flip PDF Professional (x32/x64) [EN] [crack]

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FlipBuilder Flip PDF Professional is a professional version of the powerful Flip PDF program with many features. Contains many features from the initial version, such as a hyperlink and bookmarks. You can now embed media such as video, audio, text, shapes, pages, image albums, Flash, YouTube videos, and links to your e-books with flipping pages. You can also use the command line to automatically create e-books with turning pages without starting the application from your desktop.

Flip PDF Professional Features

Easy Text Import with Multiple Options
• Convert a PDF file into an e-book with page turning effect and with Adobe © Flash® support.
• Batch convert PDF files to one or more e-books with flipping pages.
• Use in command line mode.
• Free use of the service to view folders and automatically create books.
• Project management panel for easy opening or saving your project.
• Import bookmarks (content) from a PDF file and manually edit them.
• Import hyperlinks from a PDF file, including links to websites, pages and email addresses.
• Import text searchable, determine the minimum number of search characters.
• Adding watermarks, images, changing date / time in the text of the e-book with turning pages.
• Definition of quality and size for the regular and mobile versions.
• Define landscape page orientation to create page spreads.

Customizable Output Methods and Text Formats
• Publish books online (or batch download books) using the FlipBuilder download service. Placing books on a Bookshelf with a built-in basket.
• Large selection of formats: HTML, EXE, Zip, Mac App, FBR, mobile version and burning to CD.
• HTML allows you to upload a book to a website for viewing online (with title, keywords, and other metadata). And you can add the Google Analytics tracking code to display the pages of the book.
• EXE allows you to view the finished book on a computer running Windows.
• ZIP allows you to save all the files and folders of the book in a zip archive (easily send by e-mail and read offline after unpacking or read in the archive with a free Flip Reader reader).
• App (Mac Application) is an executable application on Mac.
• FBR is a specially designed reading format with the free Flip Reader reader, easy to send via email and read offline.
• The mobile version is designed to view HTML books on mobile devices through browsers (supports single-page presentations on mobile devices).
• Burning to a CD allows you to burn to a CD to send a physical copy of your publication to users for viewing on a computer (the ability to configure automatic viewing).
• Placing a book with flipping pages on your FTP server.
• Create * .scr format for use as a screensaver.
• Placing and sending a book by selecting the address and the "Send" option.
• Saving books as a WordPress plugin and posting in WordPress.
• Placement of the book in the Joomla module.
• Creating a Drupal module for embedding on the Drupal website.

Important: You can set a password for protection (with the ability to set the shutdown date) in the settings for the EXE and ZIP archives. In addition, you can add company INFOrmation in the original version to the EXE archive.

Customizing Ready Templates
• Download a variety of templates (
• The use of ready-made or downloaded online templates, images, backgrounds and plugins.
• Adding plugins to a book with turning pages: banner, news feed, scrolling text, photo slider, scroller, music player, YouTube banner, etc.
• Tips from the Helper and tips for improving the scrolling of your book, recording or inserting sound.
• Adding an HTML header to the Float template, which you can use to go to the website.
• Adding an Image or Flash logo to be placed before the title of the book in the Float template.
• Manual Adjustment of the sizes, edges of the book and shades of the text.
• Modify existing icons in the Icon Flash file.
• Adding new icons with the call of new actions on the toolbar.
• Setting the background color and image.
• Adding background music (continuous playback or for a set time).
• Setting the reading direction (from right to left for Arabic).
• Choosing a cover for e-books.
• Select fonts for bookmark panels and Flash.
• Export edited bookmarks as a text file for further import and use.
• Setting Page Numbers at the top or bottom in the Float template, setting up the start page.
• Choosing to display flash preload for your book.

Customize Toolbar
• Add lines, text, links, images, videos (including videos from YouTube & and Vimeo), flash or sound files.
• Adding a button to pages to open links, calling javascript, playing Flash and Video in a pop-up window.
• Adding, deleting, reorganizing the order and sorting pages in the Edit Pages window.
• Export of projects added to the Page Editing window, such as links, swf, movies for future import and use.
• Definition of the language for your e-books with turning pages, switching languages.
• Set a password for your e-book.
• Different browser engines for special PDF files: SWF, GPL Ghostscript or Inner Library.
• Support for Google Analytics.
• Add watermarks or SWF to display on printed pages.
• Adding settings to manually determine the content when using images and SWF.
• Adding a single-page / two-page page view.
• Adding a Minime style to view a book with turning pages without a toolbar.
• Setting permissions for downloading, printing, posting on social networks, etc.
• Manually editing bookmarks and adjusting the position (left or right) of the bookmark bar.
• Configure export and save functions for future use.
• Saving and loading your project.
• Creation of a digital library for storing and managing nic books published on the FlipBuilder server.

System Requirement:
Windows® 10/8 / 8.1 / XP / Vista / 7

How to install:
1- install it
2-Copy the provided DLL to the folder where you installed the product.


FlipBuilder Flip PDF Professional (x32/x64) [EN] [crack] FlipBuilder Flip PDF Professional (x32/x64) [EN] [crack] FlipBuilder Flip PDF Professional (x32/x64) [EN] [crack] FlipBuilder Flip PDF Professional (x32/x64) [EN] [crack] FlipBuilder Flip PDF Professional (x32/x64) [EN] [crack] FlipBuilder Flip PDF Professional (x32/x64) [EN] [crack]
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