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Laura - Una Vita Straordinaria (2015) [Mpeg2 - Ita Ac3 2.0 - S01e01-03]

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Laura - Una Vita Straordinaria

[Ep. 01-02-03]

Rec Tv by JackieALF

Who was really Laura Montoya?

Maria Laura de Jesús Montoya y Upeguí She was born in a small Colombian village on 26 May 1874 and, since her mother
refuses to see her before her baptism, they baptize her four hours after birth, in a hurry. So fast that dad is missing
the time to agree with the wife the name to give her. It is the parish priest who chooses for her the name of Maria Laura de Jesús:
to the amazed father, who objects to not knowing if there is a "saint Laura", he quickly answers that, in this case,
the child would have one more reason to become a saint. For the moment, however, little Laura has to deal with suffering:
he is not yet three years old when his father dies murdered in those particularly bloody years of Colombian history.
Fortunately for her he has an exemplary Christian mother beside her, who teaches her to forgive and every day makes her recite a "Our Father" for the father's murderer.
Because of this she was sent to live with her maternal grandmother; his grandfather was Lucio Upegui.
His brothers were the elder sister Carmelina and her younger brother Juan de la Cruz; a maternal cousin was Luisa Upegui.
The little orphan feels particularly "hungry for affection", because her grandparents welcome her, together with her mother more out of pity than out of love.
They do not send it to school, because the house is too far from the town and it is mom who teaches her to read, write and, above all, to love God.
In 1881, the precarious economic condition saw her sent to an orphanage run by Aunt María de Jesús Upegui. In 1890, her aunt enrolled her in the
"Normale de Institutoras" of Medellín to receive training to become a school teacher as a means of having
an income to support the financial difficulties his mother faced. She was educated at the Escuela de Espíritu Santo in Amalfi and then in Medellín.
In 1886 he went to live on a farm to take care of a sick person and it was there that he began his desire to become a religious.
The prodigious intelligence it is equipped with not only allows you to successfully pass the entrance exam,
but it also allows her to win a state scholarship, thanks to which at the age of 19 she graduated as a teacher. Montoya graduated as a teacher in 1893.
He goes to take care of the eighty patients in the asylum and steals hours of sleep to study books, borrowed from the magisterial library. He takes his mother with him
and for a few years he went to teach in various schools, a young teacher who does not only want to teach concepts but also transmit Christian values.
Laura, who has always felt the attraction for the consecrated life and has repeatedly thought of becoming a Carmelite,
it is not recommended to take this step from its spiritual directors themselves: too restless for a cloistered convent;
too extrovert and dynamic for the contemplative life. He discovers his vocation by chance, when he becomes aware
of the discriminated and miserable situation in which the Colombian natives live. Think of the Indians and decide to do something for their human promotion
and for their evangelization it is for her a whole, but she does not even find a congregation that wants to take charge of it.
In 1908 he began working with the natives in the regions of Uraba and Sarare where he founded the "Works of the Indians".
Montoya wanted to become a cloistered Carmelite nun but she felt the desire to spread the Gospel grow in her
to those who had never met Jesus Christ. Montoya wanted to eliminate the existing racial discrimination and sacrifice himself to bring them
the love and teachings of Christ.
Only one bishop "marries" his idea and from nothing born the "catechist missionaries of the Indians" who leave Medellin in 1914
and reach the indios catios in the jungle. Together with Laura, her mother, now in her seventies, left on that first expedition.
with four other women and went to Dabeiba to live among the native Indians. Although this new order had the support of the bishop of Santa Fe de Antioquia
he was also criticized within Christian groups.
On May 14, 1917, the "Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Virgin Mary and Saint Catherine of Siena" began.
This is how the Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate and St. Catherine of Siena were born, among whom Maria Laura professes the vows,
changing name in Sister Laura of Santa Caterina da Siena. They will then be known as "Laurite".
Mother Laura of Santa Caterina da Siena (this is her religious name), after having revolutionized the concept of mission
with new pedagogical means and new methods of evangelization, he spent his last nine years in a wheelchair, always missionary with heart and,
however, soul of his congregation.
She died after a long illness on October 21, 1949 in the village of Belencito, near Medellín in Colombia, when his sisters are now almost 500 and the novices a hundred, at the service of 22 indigenous peoples. Over the years these numbers have more than doubled.
Currently his order is active in a total of nineteen countries in all the Americas, Africa and Europe.


Original Title: Laura, una vida extraordinaria
Country: Colombia
Year: 2015
Genres: Biography, Religious, Drama
Director: María Isabel Paramo, Linda Lucía Callejas
Screenplay: Marisol Galindo
Production: Caracol Televisión


Julieth Restrepo -> Young Laura Montoya
Linda Lucia Callejas -> Laura Montoya
Adelaida Buscató -> Young Clarisa Montoya
Marcela Carvajal -> Clarisa Montoya
Pilar Álvarez -> Dolores Upegui (Fabiola)
Jose Restrepo -> Juan Antonio Montoya
Elizabeth Minotta -> Young Ana Lucia
Sandra Reyes -> Ana Lucia
Julio Sánchez Coccaro -> Padre Ignacio
Ricardo Mejía -> Young Adolfo Peña
Juan Carlos Messier -> Adolfo Peña
Biassini Segura -> Young Padre Perdomo
Julio Cesar Herrera -> Padre Perdomo
Jhon Alomia -> Jeremias
Lorena García Escobar -> Victoria Peña
Juliana Velásquez -> Marianita
Nelson Camayo -> Carlitos Yaguaré
Diego Guarnizo -> Saturnino


How much is the plot inspired by the reality of the facts?

*The Tv series tells in an orderly and involving way the many obstacles overcome by the saint and proceeds in a systematic way,
from the day of Laura's birth and from the difficulties her mother first and then herself, must face. From the death of his father,
stabbed for wanting to defend the church from the onslaught of anticlericals and the confiscation of all their property, to the life of hardships that his mother
with his three children he must support. Meanwhile, Laura is starting to develop a strong inner life, supported by corporal mortifications.

*The story highlights the development of his love for nature, plants and animals: a love for the Creator through creatures,
that will make it spontaneous to think that just the natives of his land, accustomed to a life immersed in an intact nature,
they were the most available to welcome the Christian message.

*The fiction plays with discretion (a light appears from above, without any clarification) what was the crucial moment,
at seven years of the life of the saint, told by herself in her diary: in one of her many days in the fields, while she is intent
to look at the life of the ants, he receives the definitive certainty of the existence of God, who will sustain his whole life.

*I was also struggling with the recognition of the validity of an all-female mission by the ecclesiastical hierarchy.
The problem was unlocked more for an initiative coming from the Pope that ended up supporting Laura Montoya's highly innovative and prophetic ideas.
In June 1912, Pius X published the encyclical Lacrimabili statu indorum, in which he exhorted the bishops of America to take an interest in the natives
and facilitate their integration into the rest of society. In 1919 Benedict XV with his encyclical Maximum Illud, he stated, in no uncertain terms,
that it was urgent "to banish a certain mentality among certain missionaries who instead of being animated by the zeal to extend the Kingdom of God,
the desire to widen the influence of one's own country is evident ". Laura, after many disappointments, managed to see her initiative recognized
also from local hierarchies: Msgr. Maximiliano Crespo, bishop of Santa Fé de Antioquiache, guaranteed his support.

*The various episodes of fiction have a homogeneous structure: in each of them one of the many obstacles is highlighted that without interruption,
even within her own family, Laura had to support, to which she opposed her firm will to accomplish what she felt as a divine mission.

*Excellent interpretation of the protagonist who won the award for best actress at the Premios India Catalina 2016


The congregation founded by mother Laura strongly criticized the series and filed a lawsuit against production.

*In a press release issued on July 24th 2015, five days before the start of the series broadcast,
The Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate and of St. Catherine of Siena declared:

*In the trailer or promotional videos we observe scenes that are not real, like relationships of a loving nature that never existed,
announced as "Renouncing the love of his life"; as well as dialogues of bad taste among men criticizing in his presence
Laura's physical appearance and her qualities as a future bride, among other situations that were not real.

*The nuns, previously, tried to contact the screenwriter, but she refused to show the script.
Moreover, they have declared that they have never granted the use of the founder's name, which is however used as it is.

*The Tv series went on the air entirely, in its 25 episodes. Before each of them, even in Italy, a sign appears
which points out that the congregation of the Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate and of Saint Catherine of Siena has dissociated itself from the content.

General INFO

Nome completo Laura - Una Vita Straordinaria (2015) [Mpeg2 - Ita Ac3 2.0 - Ep. 01-02-03].mpg
Formato : MPEG-PS
Dimensione : 2,77 GiB
Durata : 1o 54min
Modo bitrate generale : Variabile
Bitrate totale : 3.452 Kbps

ID : 224 (0xE0)
Formato : MPEG Video
Versione formato : Version 2
Profilo formato : Main@Main
Impostazioni formato, BVOP : No
Impostazioni formato, Matrix : Predefinito
Impostazioni formato, GOP : N=12
Durata : 1o 54min
Modalità bitrate : Variabile
Bitrate : 3.191 Kbps
Bitrate massimo : 9.000 Kbps
Larghezza : 720 pixel
Altezza : 576 pixel
Rapporto aspetto visualizzazione : 16:9
Frame rate : 25,000 fps
Standard : PAL
Spazio colore : YUV
Croma subsampling : 4:2:0
Profondità bit : 8 bit
Tipo scansione : Progressivo
Modo compressione : Con perdita
Bit/(pixel*frame) : 0.308
TimeCode_FirstFrame : 00:00:00:00
TimeCode_Source : Group of pictures header
Dimensione della traccia : 2,56 GiB (92%)

ID : 189 (0xBD)-128 (0x80)
Formato : AC-3
Formato/INFOrmazioni : Audio Coding 3
Estensione modo : CM (complete main)
Impostazioni formato, Endianness : Big
Modo muxing : DVD-Video
Durata : 1o 54min
Modalità bitrate : Costante
Bitrate : 192 Kbps
Canali : 2 canali
Posizione canali : Front: L R
Sampling rate : 48,0 KHz
Profondità bit : 16 bit
Modo compressione : Con perdita
Ritardo video : 21ms
Dimensione della traccia : 158MiB (6%)



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